Monthly Archives: November 2014

Scooting around for a subject

The music tonight was Art School by The Jam. This is clearly the wrong sort of scooter, but it@s what I’v e got to hand.  


Traveller’s Fare

With Truckload of Art by Cracker playing in my ear, I am sitting in a lounge in Madrid sketching a yoghurt pot – seems appropriate somehow. 

Blurred rouge

Field Recordings: Christian Marclay “Fade to Slide” was the beautifully chaotic soundtrack to tonight’s sketch – I wanted to splash colour about, and my reliable teapot beckoned with its saucy curves and shadows and light.

Fork in under spirals

Song for tonight was Damien Save Me by Dave Stewart sounding somewhat like David Bowie at times, and with an irksome saxophone solo. Start off promising – “Sooner or later, we’re all gonna die”, but shrinks to triteness, rather like the head of this fork…