Write Here, Write Now: 3.25 – Music For Evenings

Young Marble Giants – Music For Evenings. Steady, chugging guitar.

The second song in a row about rejection. To quote Will.I.Am, where is the love? Young Marble Giants -another of those bands without a great deal of chart success or popularity, yet with a lot of influence on successive bands. I first came across their name when I heard Galaxie 500 covering their song “Final Day” for a Peel Session. A song which I think is better heard as a cover than as an original.

Maybe it’s a question of the band writing good songs, but not necessarily being able to sing or play them as well as others.

It’s a low key song. I can hear the chugging rhythm guitar, the steady bass and the vocalist. That’s about it. There isn’t much in the way of a lead instrument. Rather minimalist, keeping a tight lid on things.

Rejection. Well, I suppose I reject this song, much as the singer rejects the person in the song. It’s quite hard to take, whenever and however it comes. The prospect of a door opening onto a new chapter in life being closed in the face. This is how I imagined it would be vs the reality of that being denied. The investment in the imagined future. After rejection, is it right to set the sights lower, be less ambitious? Expect less from life. Be accepting of one’s lot in life? Channel energy in ways where there isn’t the competition for the unattainable? We create the world we want to live in, but only to the extent that those around us allow us to.

When what we want to happen, can’t,  is it best to button things down and live in understated caution? I do hope not. I wouldn’t want to live life like a Young Marble Giants song.


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