Write Here, Write Now: 4.8 – Nobody’s Fool

Cinderella: Nobody’s Fool. Thanking Rigid Digit…

It is a treat when offered up songs to review/blog about. New surprises, musical treats, who knows what is in store. The quote launching this one was “From the world of Hair Metal, I offer Cinderella: Nobody’s Fool (you may not thank me later, but who knows …)”

Odd as it may seem, Cinderella is not in my collection,so it was to YouTube that I did venture (something about Hair Metal makes me want to write even more like a pompous wanker than normal. First offer was the official video with plenty of made up, shampoo and set, blow dried, backcombed, make up caked beauties – and that was just the band (I thank you, boom and if you will tish). Then there was the live version from Russia, with years of echo-laden guitar sonicarama to enjoy before they burst into the wonders of the epic that is the song.

But I am here to review the music, not the imagery that cloaks it like a miasma of hair spray and Eau de Temps par Nina Ricci.

Guitar and synths start the song. Then, after almost a minute, Tom Keifer starts singing – in a clear voice for the first verse.  Cymbals are tapped on the 3rd line of the verse, bass and drums are started up on the 5th line, and then on the 8th line, the anger boils over, the drums are struck with force and we are into the chorus where Tom starts to screech . He’s ‘nobody’s fool’. in case you weren’t sure. band members sing along – this is a group thing. None or them are anybody’s fool – let’s not forget that.

A bit of what I like to call guitar emoting, and we are into the second verse. Sincere singing takes over from screeching again. Well, that is until he starts ‘screaming his heart out’ in the 5th line. It’s like he feels the shame brought on by his ex so much that he can’t wait for the chorus to get the rage out.

More nobody’s fool chorus, and then a partial repeat of the first verse. He means it so much, the words are still valid, man. They bear repeating.

Now here comes the serious core of the song,. The overwrought bluesy guitar solo, accompanied by arpeggios. Then straight back into a fading repeat of the chorus.

It’s hard to feel too sorry for Tom. He bought the love of his partner, then changed his mind. They broke up, but then he calls her on the phone, but gets little response. So he tells her he’s nobody’s fool. Well, he might be his own fool, from what he reveals in this song.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little self-knowledge probably wouldn’t hurt. I’m not suggesting the total perspective vortex, but ego protection stops us (and I mean us blokes) from seeing ourselves as the shambling, preening  fools that we are, just to stop ourselves from dying of shame. A smidgen of that might have helped our Tom write a better song.

Tom grew up just round the cormer from Swarthmore College just outside Philadelphia. I spent 6 months there in the 1990’s- It’s a hotbed of Quakerism. Maybe he would have turned out differently if he’d had those local influences on him as he reached puberty…

Speaking personally, I’ve been fortunate to have been battered back by countless women, more than happy to show me who I am, rather than what I think I might be. A sense of perspective is a great thing, and it also helps to prevent the crafting (I use the phrase loosely) of self-aggrandizing, wounded tiger, cock rock.

That’s probably about enough for me for tonight. Got to be careful on my high horse, as I navigate my way to bed.



One thought on “Write Here, Write Now: 4.8 – Nobody’s Fool

  1. Rigid Digit

    ” a miasma of hair spray”
    “overwrought bluesy guitar solo”

    Pretty much as remember it.

    Never truly understood why a greasy Ramones fan has got so much Hair Metal in his record collection.


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