Write Here, Write Now: 5.24 – Hearts

L.S.G. – Hearts. Extraordinary. The best music in the world.

There will be moments in this year when I will dare to try to write about songs that are unimprovable, perfect, just joyous soundscapes that thrill me to my core, that drive me giddy with happiness when I hear their opening bars, that I know will sustain my listening pleasure from very beginning to the utter end – and I will feel faint about the daunting prospect of doing them justice. Will I even begin to be able to capture the wonder, the overwhelming body capturing, head ensnaring feeling i get from listening to such creations?

Tonight may well be the night more than any other night when that is so. There are no words to be described in this trance epic, but it is a seven minute symphony of soaring counterpoint and headspinning mathematical headfuckery to match Bach at his nerdy best.

There’s a simple thumping theme that launches from the very start. But very soon, its endless repetition does the trance thing of making me lose sense of the time signature. Is it 4/4 or 3/4? Then about half way through, the song drops out, leaving just the central theme and a glorious echo of what came before and what will come after.

I remember hearing it on Peel back in the nineties, and being so glad I recorded it. Fortunately, the title was Hearts, not Hertz, or even  Hz, so I could type in the text and listen to check the source.

Now I am dead tired, and before I complexly collapse. Pleasing others with further detailed analysis will have to wait for another day,  I haven’t done the track justice, probably, but tant pis.



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