Write Here, Write Now: 6.16 – Casino Boogie

The Rolling Stones – Casino Boogie. Light after the darkness

I think I’ve finally heard something I like on this ‘classic’ album. At first I thought it was just a blues tread with tedious saxophone, but the more I listen to it, the more it sinks in and I like the feel of this song. The drumming is a highlight. Slinky and sashaying through, dropping a steady beat and throwing out delightfully-spacious cymbal sounds. Even the dreaded Jagger vocals work, nonsense lyrics spewed out lazily in time with the funky double guitars, which take on the whining instead of Uncle Mick (and do it rather well). Apart from a small section at the beginning, I have no idea what the bass is doing – nothing much  is my impression.

If they could just excise the saxophone (or tone it down), it would be quite flawless. It starts OK, with nice rhythmic blasts but collapses in trite melody, quite out of keeping with the haphazard, thrown together syncopation of the rest of the music. That aside, I’m really quite pleased to be listening to something with a bit of soul to it.


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