Write Here, Write Now: 6.19 – Torn And Frayed

The Rolling Stones – Torn And Frayed. Not terrible shocker!

Maybe I’m worn down by the songs I’ve listened to so far, but this muddy mess of a track doesn’t make me wrinkle my nose up so much. There isn’t the same layer after layer of rock/blues cliche, Mick Taylor is on bass, Jagger is softer and less barking, there’s an intriguing mix of sounds to explore.

The guitar player doesn’t steal my heart away – there seems little in the way of flourish from Keith Richards. The pedal steel of Al Parsons seems to be the spotlight/highlight.

It’s very downbeat, both in lyrical content and delivery. If anything, Jagger seems half not there at all. I’m tired anyway, and this song just make me more tired. The lines just seem to repeat themselves over and over again. There’s little in the way of stand out musicianship. But at least they try something a bit different. It doesn’t work much, but it’s something.


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