Write Here, Write Now: 7.17 – Pale Shelter

Tears For Fears – Pale Shelter

I bought both this single and the album (The Hurting). I remember the dark and light green front cover and line drawing on the front cover,  which were as much of an incentive to buy the single as the vaguely edgy, psychotherapy lyrics, off beat intro, but fundamentally poppy dynamic rhythm of the song.

Listening back to it now, it sounds a bit, well beige, a bit bland, quite comfortable in fact. The intro does sound like something that OMD might have had on their first album. The strummed acoustic gives a sense of dynamism all over the song, but otherwise it’s a bit safe.

It’s quite interesting to compare what I thought were the lyrics to the reality.

“How can I be sure
When you’re only cruising my illusion”

“When all I want to be is
Kissing with Confidence”

Was my misunderstanding of the words.

It’s quite a whingey song – “You don’t give me love“. Maybe in the early eighties, for an angst-ridden, shy teenager, this was the best that the charts could over in terms of meaningful songs. the album as a whole is similarly mildly diverting, but not good enough to want to listen to over and over again.

When came out as their second album, I was disappointed they seemed to have veered away from their early songs charting psychological issues. However, listening to this song now, I hear more similarities with Shout, Everybody Wants To Rule The World than I had previously thought. All a bit soulless. Which probably says a lot about me at that age.



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