Write Here, Write Now: 8.6 – Just Dance To New Order

DJ Earworm – Just Dance To New Order  “I just can’t be straight anymore

The further I get into this month’s theme, the more I move it off my comfort zone of mash-ups I know and love and have to explore other tracks less familiar to me – otherwise I could just play tracks by Phil Retrospector and Go Home Productions all August.

Lots of mash-ups source modern pop, which is fine, but as I’m an old fogey, I don’t automatically recognize the quotes, which means I don’t appreciate the seamless skills of the artist so easily. The other extreme is choosing old songs I know. But that’s limiting as well, as it easily leads to cliché.

Luckily, with this one, there’s a mix of old songs, and (relatively) new songs to keep it a little fresh.

New Order (Confusion), Lady Gaga (Just Dance), Queen (Radio Gaga), Mary J Blige (Family Affair), ODB (Got Your Money)

Even better is that the main instrumental is New Order’s Confusion – possibly my favourite song of theirs, and already quite a mixed up track. Recorded and mixed in New York, there’s a nice link with Lady Gaga, Mary J Blige and ODB just there – an NY mash-up. And Gaga’s camp links well to Queen (not just the obvious pun in the title).

Having spent so much time getting to the track, I don’t feel I have much to say about it, except that it’s easy on the ear and I’d probably dance to it if I ever got to go somewhere where this was playing loud on speakers rather than through these little earbuds.



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