Write Here, Write Now: 8.8 – 50 Shades of Love

Dan Mei – 50 Shades of Love. Totally indulgent multiple orgasm.

Of all this month’s mash-ups, this is a very easy choice – slutty, almost. Taking ecstatic quotes from lots of pop hits, this hits lots of buttons – rolling from song to song by Ellie Goulding, Oasis, Green Day, Whitesnake and T.A.T.u. with endless panting vocals. I suspect, though I haven’t taken the time to research it, that these songs share the familiar chord progression from Pachelbel’s Canon – almost a guarantee of making a song resonate.

Sometimes I wish all music was like this – just going from highlight to highlight like a Hooked On Classics for modern pop. It is a bit like a constant sugar rush, though – no honest-to-goodness (but earnestly dull) ‘roughage’ between. This doesn’t earn its listening, it struts in, opens up and just expects ardent attention.

The way Oasis and Green Day snarl in harmony, exploding via the higher pitch of David Coverdale (rhyming with Green Day) into the sweet climactic canoodlings of T.a.T.u and Ellie Goulding – it all flows into each other as if they were meant to be singing in the same song, accompanied by big pounding drums.

“This is not enough/Love me like you do“.

Probably terribly bad for the soul, but a temporary joy to dive into.

“What are you waiting for?”


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