Write Here, Write Now: 8.9 – Golden Teardrops

Wax Audio – Golden Teardrops. Sometimes the best mixes sound effortless and meant to be

Searching for the mash-up for tonight, I clicked through YouTube clips of frantic mergers of obvious songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come Together,  Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Jump Around, Blue Monday, all trying to create the most intense dancefloor rush, but ending up like sound and fury symbolizing nothing.

Then I came across this. Two songs that seemingly do not need improving or altering, yet able to sit comfortably alongside each other, and draw something special out of each other.

The Beatles’ introductory melancholic strings and Massive Attack’s maternal heartbeat usher in the harpsichord and synth tones of Teardrop that give space for McCartney’s soothing and then snarling vocals to stand out clearly, before the mood is cooled with a few bars of Liz Frazer’s silver voice. Strings and plangent guitar cradle McCartney’s words as the lullaby fades to the final piano chords and then “Wake Up!

I got over-familiar with Teardrop from watching all 177 episodes of House MD, though I never really tired of it. Now I automatically associate the beat with Hugh Laurie’s limping gait down the wood panelled hallways of Princeton-Plainboro, accompanied inevitably by a grimace plastered on his grizzled face. Complex medical enigmas wrapped up in the echoey sound of the song.

Whereas Teardrop feels like a song about birth, I associate Golden Slumbers more with endings – towards the end of the last recorded Beatles album, it’s a soft-hearted, sad yet forceful pillow over the face of their combined music.

Together, and in the company of the video, it feels like an exploration of inner and outer worlds, beginnings and endings. It’s tranquil but powerful, and is an exquisite artistic synthesis.


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