Write Here, Write Now: 8.10 – Sul-E-Stomp

Astralasia/Suns of Arqa – Sul-E-Stomp. I love to stomp to this.

Another song which isn’t strictly speaking a mash-up, but more a mixing of two genres – techno trance and folk. I remember when I first heard this on the Peel Show, I couldn’t quite believe how well the two bands had managed to preserve both genres distinctly in the one song, and yet for it to work so well as a combined music.

Starting off with synths and electronic beats firmly in the techno zone, it then slips neatly and fully into the folk world with fiddle sawing away.  Lovely bouncy rhythms underlie the gradual mixing towards the violin and the multiple rhythms playing alongside each other, building up the intensity until the violin stops and it spirals off into full trance. The clip below only conveys some of the full frenzy and abandon of the track.

And it is irrepressibly dancey. One of those tracks that I have to move around to. The musical ideas leaping out of the speakers fill me with little moments of joy. I went to see them at the Hebden Bridge Trades Club one night and was on the dance floor throwing myself around the whole night. Happy memories.


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