Write Here, Write Now: 8.12 – Radioactive Tubular Girls

LeeDM101 – Radioactive Tubular Girls. Apocalyptic

A new mash-up artist to me, it took some time tonight to find something refreshing and creative to play, but he seems to have the artistic touch to draw out interesting aspects of the songs he samples from – not just sticking two songs together over a thumping techno beat.

Though Simon Le Bon’s vocals do dominate the track, the music from Radioactivity and the main piano riff from Tubular Bells do stand out nevertheless.

It’s enjoyable and disposable, and there’s not much to say about it really. I haven’t really paid much attention to the video, which is probably a shame. I suspect that as much care has gone into preparing that, as for the audio – that they need to be experienced together.

Watching it closely, it occurs that, what with the brinkmanship going on over the Korean peninsula, this is rather a topical choice. It wasn’t meant that way – just coincidence.


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