Write Here, Write Now: 8-13 – Sleazy Egyptian

Go Home Productions – Sleazy Egyptian (The Bangles vs The Stranglers). Bootiful bassline.

There aren’t the fireworks in this track that there are in some mash-ups. No great surprises, more the pleasure of elements from two songs working well together, (with a bit of  Ini Kamoze thrown in to leaven the mix).

It’s like treble has been added to bass with all the frolic and high notes from The Bangles, and all the (really) low notes from The Men in Black.

The rhythm guitar and bass riffs start the song (and get the engine running), but then Walk Like An Egpytian takes over, boosted every few bars by a bit more rhythm and bass. The effect is like the Bangles have been turbocharged, while maintaining the poise and cool of the original song.

I like both songs, but I really like them together, as they complete each other’s missing part – Walk Like an Egyptian being a bit fly away, Nice’n’Sleazy not really being much more than a repeated title line with great rhythm, but nothing at its core.



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