Write Here, Write Now: 11.29 – Hearts

The Gun Club – Hearts
turn back! back! back! back!

Coming to the end of the month, and the end of my teens for this month. Scouring the NME for interesting records, I looked out for reviews by Edwin Pouncey who seemed to delve deeper into more leftfield music than others on the paper. Albums by Clock DVA and the Legendary Pink Dots I think I can thank him for pointing me in the direction of.

The Gun Club album looked like a riot – something in the style of The Cramps, southern gothic blues was what the review promised. Having read that Patricia Morrison had been in the band before joining the Sisters, I was intrigued to find out more.

Whistling windy guitar notes lead into the sound of wild drum pounding and chord thrashing with Jeffrey Lee Pierce lustily shouting out the chorus. This abruptly alternates with the clear-voiced verses. So – both controlled and released in one song, though I think the riot of noise definitely wins out. Then it all fades out in feedback.

After all the morose indolence of a lot of the goth I had been listening to , this was a gust of fresh sound blasting through my ears.

I think I was already dressing in black trousers, white collarless shirts, big jumpers with extended sleeves and long black coats together with spiked (or unruly) hair. Dancing or stamping around to this sort of frenzied music would have been a joyful release.









2 thoughts on “Write Here, Write Now: 11.29 – Hearts

  1. callcopse

    Can’t argue with this track, unaccountably the album (Mother Juno) has disappeared off Spotify again, definitely my favourite of theirs. Thanks for introducing me to it many years back!

    1. salwarpe Post author

      No worries. Good to know I was able to introduce some music your way. I always felt the stream of music was much more towards in the other direction.
      December’s blogs may well ring a few bells – don’t be afraid to check my facts – no fake news here!


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