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This year I have been doing a sketch every day as part of a New Year’s resolution – to improve my drawing skills and as a daily discipline. Most of the pictures are posted (with comments on The Afterword website (, but that is down at the moment.

Still brushing my teeth

Paul McCartney & Wings – Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)

Sentimental tune for the last sketch of the year, and I return to the theme of the first sketch, one year ago (posted below for comparison). Public thanks to Tiggerlion for posting art-related tracks for the whole of 2014 – cheers, David!



Not really in it for the Monet

 Ted Nash РSeven Shades: Monet

Nice music and Monet is one of the greats, no doubt, but I prefer Manet. I tried painting, but in the end, it was the pencil that saved the picture, I think:

For Piet’s sake

Timothy Salter – Mondrian Pictures, Sheepfold In The Morning

Appropriately sparse, meditative music led me to Mondrianize myself – I donned a red shirt just for the occasion:


What DO I look like?

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You

Mournful, austere music left me starting at my image and not really recognising what I was sketching any more – the same face starting back at me for almost 30 days, I’m just not sure what I am seeing…


Filled with rubble

Bob Dylan – When I Paint My Masterpiece

Wrenched from charcoal and chalk, what was interesting about this sketch was that I started it half hearted and then got into it, so that my posture¬†changed and I had to amend the picture as I sketched…


Two Tone

Deerhoof – Spirit Ditties Of No Tone

Strange music, but not unappealing, it gave me space to cut loose, first with water colours, then with pastels and pencils to sharpen things up.


Me, so confused

Jamie Leonhart – The Beautiful Ones

Strange to hear a cover of this Prince song – his voice kept coming through in my head as I listened to it. I was rather confused by the oil pastels I was using tonight as well – odd color choices, in part.