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This year I have been doing a sketch every day as part of a New Year’s resolution – to improve my drawing skills and as a daily discipline. Most of the pictures are posted (with comments on The Afterword website (, but that is down at the moment.

Still brushing my teeth

Paul McCartney & Wings – Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)

Sentimental tune for the last sketch of the year, and I return to the theme of the first sketch, one year ago (posted below for comparison). Public thanks to Tiggerlion for posting art-related tracks for the whole of 2014 – cheers, David!



Not really in it for the Monet

 Ted Nash РSeven Shades: Monet

Nice music and Monet is one of the greats, no doubt, but I prefer Manet. I tried painting, but in the end, it was the pencil that saved the picture, I think:

What DO I look like?

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You

Mournful, austere music left me starting at my image and not really recognising what I was sketching any more – the same face starting back at me for almost 30 days, I’m just not sure what I am seeing…

Filled with rubble

Bob Dylan – When I Paint My Masterpiece

Wrenched from charcoal and chalk, what was interesting about this sketch was that I started it half hearted and then got into it, so that my posture¬†changed and I had to amend the picture as I sketched…

Me, so confused

Jamie Leonhart – The Beautiful Ones

Strange to hear a cover of this Prince song – his voice kept coming through in my head as I listened to it. I was rather confused by the oil pastels I was using tonight as well – odd color choices, in part.